Shape your Red Deer

We are working with Red Deerians to chart our community's path through 2040.
Shape Your Red Deer - Chart our community's path through 2040

In Spring 2022, 1600+ Red Deerians told us their vision for Red Deer through online engagement, online and in-person workshops, and at a variety of community events. Resident feedback, ideas and input are being used to develop City Council's 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, as well as The City's Vision 2040 plan. 

Read the What We Heard Report (pdf)

Next Steps:

  1. We are analyzing the thousands of ideas that were generated during the public participation activities. 
  2. Over the summer, we will share what you told us during the public participation, and how your ideas influenced the Strategic Plan. 
  3. This fall we expect a final version of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. 

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What is this project about?

The City of Red Deer is in the planning phases for the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan and Vision 2040. We are seeking public input to help inform these plans that will influence what The City does, and how over the short, medium and long-term. Through Shape your Red Deer, chart our community’s path through 2040 we are asking residents, businesses, staff and community partners to provide their input and ideas on these plans.

What is the Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan is City Council’s direction to the organization for the benefit of the community. A new strategic planning process begins every four years, with the swearing in of a new City Council. City Council determines its strategic plan based on several factors including, but not limited to, things they heard from citizens on the campaign trail, information shared with City Council from administration, and information collective during the public participation process directly connected to the strategic plan.

When will the next Strategic Plan be completed?

The 2022-2026 Strategic Plan is expected to be completed in Fall 2022. The final version will be shared with the public at that time.

What is Vision 2040?

Vision 2040 is a long-term plan to identify a vision for Red Deer over the next 20 years and identify actions The City and community can take to realize a shared vision.

How is the Strategic Plan and Vision 2040 related?

While the Strategic Plan guides the work that The City will do over the next four years, Vision 2040 looks twenty years and beyond into the future. These two plans are related as what we do in the short-term has an impact on the long-term and vice versa. We are conducting public participation on these two plans concurrently as they inform and support one another, and inform numerous other plans, projects and priorities undertaken by The City.


If you have any questions about Shape your Red Deer, please email or call 403-342-8147.

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