Council Committees

This is your chance to have a positive impact in your community by volunteering for a Council committee and help contribute to Council's decision making processes.

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Our Committees

Learn what our Council Committees do and what they've been up to. Meeting agendas and minutes for each committee.

What are Council committees?

Council committees make recommendations and give advice to City Council. Some committees even act in a "quasi-judicial" role – they have the authority to make decisions and judgments for the City.

Council committees generally fall into two categories:

  • Standing Council Committees: A permanent council committee
  • Ad Hoc Committee: A short-term committee established to serve a specific purpose

How are Council committee members chosen?

Council committee members are chosen throughout the year. A nomination committee reviews all applications, and makes recommendations to City Council. City Council makes the final decision on all committee appointments.

Some committee positions require specific expertise relevant to the issues the committee deals with. Others only require time, dedication, and desire to give back to the community.