Kick it to the Curb

Don't put your useful but unwanted items in the garbage. Give them away during Kick it to the Curb. It's held twice a year: the last weekend of Environment Week in June and the first weekend of Waste Reduction Week in October. In 2017 the dates are June 10-11 and October 14-15.

How it works: giving away

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  • ‌Place unwanted items at the curb
  • Mark items with the word "FREE" using masking tape, stickers, or FREE tags (pdf)
  • Ensure anything you want to keep is well away from your give-away items
  • At the end of the weekend bring any uncollected items back into your home. They can be donated to a charity such as Habitat for Humanity, sold or given away on websites such as Kijiji and Freecycle.

How it works: taking items

  • Take only the items at the curb marked "FREE"
  • Respect property; don't walk or drive on lawns or gardens
  • Don't discard items on another lawn

Waskasoo Environmental Education Society holds their Trash to Treasure Swap Meet in partnership with Kick it to the Curb. During these weekends you can instead bring your useable, unwanted items to Kerry Wood Nature Centre and browse for something you may need.


Health Canada advises that it is important to be aware of the potential risks of acquiring second-hand items. Learn more about what items to avoid.

The contents of this web page and other information provided by The City about Kick it to the Curb giveaway weekend is intended as helpful advice; they are not legally binding. Participants are responsible for the goods they are giving away and the goods they are acquiring. The City of Red Deer does not accept any liability for any actions taken by participants in the giveaway weekends or for the type or quality of goods being given away or acquired as part of the giveaway weekends.


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