Man drawing on a blueprint

Neighbourhood Planning

Great neighbourhoods are the result of careful planning and thoughtful design.

Heritage Management Plan

Heritage resources are important pieces of Red Deer's history and they enhance the character and quality of life in the city.

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw establishes how land can be developed in the City of Red Deer.


The Land Use Bylaw divides all land in The City into land use districts or zones. Learn more.

Subdivision Process

Covers the process of subdividing land into smaller parcels.

Area Redevelopment Plans

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP’s) are a neighbourhood based planning tool that is used to guide redevelopment.

Working Projects

Our Planning department is currently hard at work on the following area planning projects. Learn more about these important plans.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

Learn more about Regional Planning and the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP).

Major Area Structure Plans

Major Area Structure Plans are long range land use planning tool that will usually encompass a large land area. MASP’s are prepared by The City of Red Deer and are approved by City Council.

Industrial Area Structure Plans

Industrial Area Structure Plans (IASP’s) propose the sequence for industrial land development, typically of at least 160 acres of land.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a high level policy document that provides the framework for how Red Deer will change and grow over time.

Amending a City Adopted Plan

Changing a City adopted plan requires City Council approval. The following Plan Amendment Process provides all the relevant information and 'how to' steps to request a land use rezoning to City Council.