Selling My Products and Services

How can I promote my products and services to The City?

Contact the department that would most likely use the goods or services you provide. We do not maintain a generic "approved vendors list".

I am a non-resident of Canada. What do I need to know?

For services:

For Non Resident Withholdings: Under Regulation 105 of the Income Tax Act, The City must withhold 15 per cent of the amount of services provided unless the vendor has completed the waiver process in the timelines provided by the CRA. Once the withholding is done, the funds are sent to the CRA and The City provides a T4NR to the company at year end. They may choose to complete a corporate return for reimbursement of the funds.

R105 Regulation 105 Waiver Application

Entering Canada to provide business services:

Depending on the country the business visitor is arriving from, different documents (eTA or Visa) may be required: Bring business guests to Canada.

Some companies ask The City for an ‘invitation letter’ to expedite their entry to Canada. Refer to: Letter of invitation - Visit on business. A business letter is not a guarantee of entry.

For goods, GST should be considered:

Most goods are subject to GST (Goods & Services Tax) upon import to Canada. Foreign vendors are not generally required to have a Business Number (BN or GST number), as the GST can be charged to us on their behalf by our customs broker. However, a foreign vendor may consider obtaining a GST number, as they may be able to recoup their input tax credits. The Vendor must advise how they will handle the GST before the arrangements (ie the contract) are finalized.