Needles/Drug Paraphernalia found

I found a needle. What do I do?

Always treat each needle as contaminated. You have a couple of options if you find one:

  1. I'm too nervous to pick it up or I am unequipped to pick it up.
    Cover or mark the needle with an object. Call 403-342-8238 for disposal.
  2. I'm willing and equipped to pick it up. I have gloves, tongs or pliers, and a hard sharps container (or plastic bottle with lid).
    Needle pickup kits are available at your nearest fire hall. Put on latex, rubber or leather gloves. Use tongs or pliers to carefully pick up needle with tip pointed away from you. Put sharps container on stable surface (do not hold it while putting needle inside). Put needle point down into the container and close lid. Do NOT place container in garbage.
  3. Dispose of at nearest needle disposal location:
    • Fire stations 1 (4941 46 Street) 2 (5839 67 Street) & 3 (4340 32 Street) have 24-hour drop boxes
    • Many pharmacies accept needles
    • Turning Point (4611 50 Avenue)
    • Brown needle drop boxes located through parks and trails
  4. Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer once you’re done.

Emails submitted after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends will not be read until the next business day. For urgent/emergency Public Works requests, please call 403-342-8238.