Moving to Red Deer

Whether you are thinking of moving to the Red Deer area or if you have just moved here, a warm welcome awaits you. Our city is easy to get around and offers many of the amenities you would expect to have in Canada’s larger cities. In any language, it’s a great place to raise a family, work, and play.
Welcome to Red Deer sign

Where is Red Deer?

Red Deer is located in Central Alberta, midway between the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta’s busiest highway, The Queen Elizabeth II (QE II) Highway, runs through the region and connects Red Deer to Edmonton and Calgary. The term “Red Deer Corridor” is often used to describe the Red Deer area and the communities along the QE II Highway.

Our Economy

The Red Deer area has one of the fastest growing economies in North America and is consistently ranked as a prime location for doing business. This economic growth has created many job opportunities in our region.

Our economy is based on the oil and gas industry, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, petrochemicals, and transportation. Learn more about Red Deer's Economic Profile.


The Red Deer area is made up of the city of Red Deer and the towns surrounding the city in Red Deer County. Most of this population is concentrated in the city of Red Deer which is Alberta’s fourth largest city.

Getting Around Red Deer

Red Deer offers public transit, trails and pathways and an efficient road system. The Red Deer regional airport, and several bus lines offer transportation to and from our city.

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