Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Economic Development Department do?

The Economic Development Department focuses on helping Red Deer’s existing businesses access larger markets, attracting new businesses and investment into Red Deer and finding innovative ways to keep businesses in Red Deer. The Economic Development Department also focuses on economic diversification and creating a climate for economic growth and job creation.

What can Economic Development do to help my business?

The Economic Development Department can put you in contact with organizations that can help you market and sell your products in foreign markets, or help your innovative product be ready to get to market. They can also help you find locations in Red Deer for your business or provide statistical information to aid in business planning decisions.

Where can I find demographic statistics and information on Red Deer?

You can find information in numerous places. The Red Deer census is located on the Red Deer website and can provide information on Red Deer specifically. This census is conducted by The City of Red Deer. You can find Central Alberta regional information through the Central Alberta Regional Partnership website in the form of their incubator reports. There is also an endless supply of information on the StatsCan website. 

What licenses and permits will I need to open a business in Red Deer? Where do I get these permits?

Depending on the location and activity of your business there are different licenses or permits you may need. Contact The City of Red Deer’s Inspections and Licensing Department at 403-342-8190, or visit the Licences section for more information.

Where can I find information on Downtown Red Deer?

The Downtown Business Association is your best source for information on Downtown Red Deer. They can be contacted through their website, email or phone 403-340-8696.

What programs are available for a startup business?

Community Futures Central Alberta offers many programs for startup businesses. Check their website for more information. 

Does the city own commercial or industrial land for sale? Where is it located?

Yes, The City of Red Deer does have commercial and industrial land for sale. The industrial land is located to the northwest of the city in the Queens Industrial Park. The commercial opportunities are located in the Riverlands district of the great downtown.