Utility Alignment & Excavation Permits

Utility Alignment Permit

A Utility Alignment Permit is required when a third party utility company (ATCO, Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, etc.) would like to install infrastructure within a City road right-of-way, utility right-of-way, or a City owned Public Utility Lot. Permit submission requirements are contained within the Utility Alignment Permit Guide & Application Requirements (pdf) document.

Utility Alignment Application Form (pdf)

Excavation Permit

An Excavation Permit is required whenever a party wishes to break the surface of a right-of-way. This includes activities such as conventional excavation, soil removal, directional drilling, pedestal installation, as well as borehole and monitoring well installations.

Excavation Permit Application (pdf)

Further information on Excavation including the City’s Excavation in Public Right of Way Policy can be found here.

Further information on Utility Right of Ways can be found here.