Shared Electric Scooter (e-scooter) Program

In February 2024, Red Deer City Council approved e-scooters on a permanent basis. This approval allows the continuation of e-scooter operations with no limits on the number of companies or e-scooters that can operate in Red Deer.
E-Scooter safety tips: This is how we roll, Red Deer!

What is an e-scooter?

Electric scooters (e-scooters) are a motor vehicle that are capable of being propelled by muscular power, but may be propelled by one or more electric motors. They have steering handle bars and consist of a footboard mount on two or three wheels.

What is an e-scooter share program?

Scooter share is a service in which shared e-scooters are made available for individuals to rent on a short-term basis. These shared e-scooters are provided for a fee and may operate in a docked (stationed) or dockless system. 

There are many benefits of shared e-scooter programs including encouraging people to walk, cycle and take public transit more often, saving time on short trips, providing access to various transportation options for all demographics and improving people's physical health by providing transportation options that encourage citizens to be more physically active.

How do they work?

Similar to car and bike sharing technology, shared e-scooters are GPS-enabled and can be rented using each company's smartphone app. A shared e-scooter can be parked in a designated drop zone that is not impeding pedestrian traffic. It is then available for the next customer, who will be able to locate it and begin the rental using an application on their phone.​​​​

E-Scooter Frequently Asked Questions

E-Scooter Companies

Neuron Mobility

Visit for information on how to ride, and download their app today.

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Bird Canada

Visit for information on how to ride, and download their app today.

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Where can I ride e-scooters?

E-scooters are allowed on sidewalks and paved trails, not on the roadways or bike lanes. E-scooters are not permitted at City Hall Park, skate parks, on City buses, inside the Sorensen Station Transit terminal or outside city limits. Please do not interfere with pedestrians or traffic while riding a shared e-scooter.

E-scooter companies each have varying areas of travel allowed within the city. Keep an eye on each companies app for their most current ride areas. If you want to request they expand their area to your neighbourhood, please contact the e-scooter company directly, as they are very responsive to customer demand.

What are the rules and guidelines for riding e-scooters in Red Deer?

To ride an e-scooter in Red Deer you must be 16 years of age or older. A child or any other person cannot be a passenger on a shared e-scooter. They are intended for one rider.

Helmets are not required but strongly encouraged.

When using an e-scooter, riders are asked to respect pedestrians and those moving slower than you, use your bell to alert those you are approaching, don’t zig zag between pedestrians, and be cautious of those coming out of store fronts.

As with bicycles, e-scooters are equipped with a working bell or horn to alert pedestrians before they are overtaken and lights on the front and back that come on automatically when in use.

The max speed limit is 20 km per hour with some higher traffic areas reduced to 5-10 km per hour.

Tips for rider safety

E-Scooter safety tips: This is how we roll, Red Deer!

  • Pedestrians first- Always yield to, and be mindful of people walking on sidewalks.
  • Be considerate- Use the bell to alert others when passing on the sidewalk or pathway.
  • Rider safety rules - Shared e-scooters are available to riders aged 16+. Helmets are encouraged but not required. Maximum speed limit is 20 km / hr. Only one rider per e-scooter is allowed.
  • Park responsibly- Park in a secure, upright position in designated areas, such as furniture zones of sidewalks, public bike racks and other marked parking zones. On sidewalks without furniture zones, give at least two meters of clearance for accessibility. 
  • Right and report- If you see a shared e-scooter toppled over or parked improperly, help out by righting the shared e-scooter or reporting the issue. Contact info for each company is provided on each shared e-scooter.
How do the locks work?

All e-scooters have an internal electronic lock that can only be unlocked using the businesses’ mobile app. They are not physically locked to a bike rack or enclosed in a cage. Each business has their own unlocking and payment system.

Do I have to return an e-scooter back to where I found it?

No, you can leave the vehicle in a location that is convenient for you provided you park it properly following the guidelines provided by the vendor and highlighted on this webpage. Businesses have GPS tracking devices in their vehicles so they can locate, collect and redistribute their vehicles as needed.

Where can I park an e-scooter?

E-Scooters can be parked on city sidewalks, in City parks and adjacent pathways, subject to all Federal, Provincial and City Legislation. All parked e-scooters must remain in an upright position with all wheels in contact with the ground.

E-Scooters will be parked in a Furniture Zone and must not be parked in a way that does not obstruct or interfere with the Sidewalk Zone or Edge Zone at any time.

In the absence of a Furniture Zone, e-scooters must not be parked in a way that impedes pedestrians moving through the Sidewalk Zone to access any buildings. E-scooters must be parked next to the edge zone leaving at least 2.0 metres of sidewalk zone unobstructed for pedestrian movements. E-scooters must not be parked where these minimum distance requirements cannot be met, and parked in the upright, standing position, with all wheels in contact with the ground.

Scooters can not be parked on the street and can not be parked in a way that impedes vehicular traffic from moving on the roadway or accessing driveways and must not be parked in the Driving zone at any time. E-scooters must not be parked on a pathway or within 1.0 metre of either side of a pathway.

E-Scooters can not be parked in locations within or on:

  1. Loading zones;
  2. Accessible parking zones;
  3. Wheelchair ramps, Bicycle ramps or curb ramps;
  4. Bridges;
  5. Center median islands;
  6. Within 1.5 metres of an access to a garage or driveway;
  7. Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (benches, pay parking station, bus shelters);
  8. Within shrub beds or within 0.5 metres of trees; or
  9. Within City Parking Spaces.

Download the parking zone diagrams (pdf)

E-scooters Public Realm Components And Zone

E-scooters Public Realm Components And Zone

How do I report an e-scooter that is parked improperly, left on the sidewalk or requires maintenance?

Please contact the permitted operator directly. Permitted operators are responsible for parking issues, maintenance and the removal and relocation of their fleet. Contact the appropriate e-scooter business directly to report an improperly parked or derelict e-scooter.

Licensed businesses are required to report parking issues, known collisions, accidents, or injuries, and complaints regarding the vehicles to The City.

Company name Scooter colour email Contact info
Bird Canada Black and white   1-866-205-2442
Neuron Canada Inc. Orange  587-570-4003

For any other concerns, residents can use the Report a Problem tool.

Can I use my own e-scooter in Red Deer?

E-scooters are not allowed on roadways or sidewalks without a provincial exemption. 

E-scooters on roadways and sidewalks are regulated under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. Currently, shared e-scooters are granted a provincial exemption as the speeds and locations of operation are regulated, and each e-scooter operator company is required to have insurance to hold a permit and other requirements. At this time, provincial exemptions are not granted to individual users.

What is the rule on impaired riders?

Operating a shared e-scooter, while you are impaired by alcohol, drugs or combination of the two, is a punishable offence to the full extent of the Canadian Law. Users are encouraged to review the full terms and conditions of use provided by each permitted e-scooter operator.

How does The City support the e-scooter companies and program?

The City of Red Deer acts a partner with the e-scooter companies that are approved to operate within The City through a provincial exemption for e-scooter operations. 

E-scooter companies: How to apply for a licence

E-Scooter Licences

For a list of regulations, please see Schedule "J" of the Business Licence Bylaw 3609/2018 (pdf) .

Email completed form and required documentation to

If you have difficulty downloading the documents or have any other inquiries related to the e-scooter pilot program, please contact or call 403-342-8182.