Donate Records

Selection of archival records

How to donate records to the Archives

  1. Bring all records you wish to donate to the Archives
  2. Sign a Temporary Receipt 
  3. Archives Acquisition committee evaluates your records
  4. We send you a Certificate of Gift and/or a request to pick up declined records

What to donate?

We are looking for records that provide insight into the life of an individual, family, or organization, as well as document the memory of the larger community. Business records document essential activities, decisions, legal obligations and responsibilities of a business.

Examples of potential archival records include correspondence, photographs, certificates, audio visual recordings, membership materials, posters, pamphlets, diaries, poetry, plans and drawings, policies and procedures, minutes, agreements, ledgers, CDs, videos, audio recording and film.

Why donate?

We store our collection in a secure and environmentally stable storage facility (not a damp basement or dusty attic). We provide public access to the records for various types of research and make copies of items on request. We will ensure your place in history is not forgotten and your story is preserved for researchers and future generations.