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Call for lease space for Interim Shelter

June 8, 2021 10:15 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

As part of the site search process for a new location for the interim shelter, The City of Red Deer put out a notice of business opportunity for available lease sites. The call out, posted to the bids and tenders website, is open until June 16 and invites any property owner whose site meets the minimum criteria to submit a response.

“Over the past several months, we have worked with a realtor to find potential sites for the interim shelter to be relocated to, however, throughout that search we have found very few available options,” said Kristin Walsh, Safe & Health Communities Manager. “Putting out a notice of business opportunity will hopefully bring forward sites that were not identified in our original search.”

The notice outlines the minimum requirements to accommodate the interim shelter until a permanent shelter is operational. These requirements include a minimum building size of 10,000 square feet, preference to have amenities such as washrooms, kitchen, laundry, storage and outdoor area, $10 square foot lease rate, and available to lease starting September 1, 2021 with operational start date of October 1, 2021.

“We recognize that not all interested property owners may meet these minimum requirements so we are willing to work to facilitate the needs of the interim shelter,” said Walsh. “Our goal is to find a location that not only meets the needs of the interim shelter, but also the needs of our community.”

The relocation process for the interim shelter stems from Council directing administration on April 7 to compile a list of potential sites throughout the community. On May 26, Council approved the extension to allow operations at Cannery Row until September 30, 2021. The new location would need to be operational for October 1, 2021.

For information on submitting a response, visit the Bids & Tenders site.

For more information, please contact:          

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer

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