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New traffic signals along 22 Street

June 4, 2021 2:13 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

A new set of traffic signals has been installed along 22 Street at the entrance to the East Hill Shopping Centre.

Starting Tuesday, June 8, the lights will flash at this intersection to alert motorists of the new signals. This will continue until Wednesday, June 9, when the signals are fully operational.

Drivers approaching a flashing yellow signal may proceed through the intersection with caution. Drivers approaching a flashing red signal must stop, observe the right of way and proceed when safe.

The existing RRFB pedestrian crossing signals will be removed from this intersection the morning of Tuesday, June 8.

As crews work to activate the signals and remove existing signage, temporary traffic disruptions may occur. Signage to notify drivers of the new signals will be installed at the intersection.

Pedestrians and drivers are asked to be aware of this new signals and to use caution in the area. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated. 
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For more information, contact:

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer


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