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Call for privately owned properties for consideration during shelter site selection process

July 20, 2022 11:11 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Private property owners who are interested in selling their site for the purposes of an integrated shelter are invited to submit their information until Wednesday, July 27. Currently, a commercial realtor is developing a high-level property listing for technical review, but if there are any properties that are not currently on the market, they can be submitted by the property owner through an online form on The City’s website.

On June 24, 27 and July 4, Council developed and approved the Shelter Site Selection Matrix that will guide the site selection process for the future shelter in Red Deer. Below is the full matrix and definitions approved by Council:

Site Criteria Points Percentages
Ability to acquire site: Acquiring the optimum site can be done in a timely manner. Acquisition options and costs are important considerations. 20
Cost   40%
Zoning   15%
Timing   40%
General   5%
Adequate size: The size of the site considers the potential need to adjust service delivery at any given time. It will accommodate proposed integrated amenities and services. It considers the land size needed to accommodate outdoor gathering spaces and activities. The site already has a building or can accommodate a building that meets the Province’s minimum requirement of 10,000 square feet. 20
Adequate land size (outside/inside)   30%
Can accommodate purpose built/dignified spaces   20%
Can accommodate on-site/integrated services   30%
Future flexible/expansion opportunity   10%
General   10%
Broad community impact: The site aligns with The City’s vision for the community. Community impact includes considerations such as, impacts on economic and business development, and municipal operations. It includes potential reputational impacts and financial impacts (both capital and operating). It also includes impacts to those accessing shelter services in our community. The site considers impacts to our community as a whole, including health, and safety for all in our valued places and spaces that are enjoyed by our citizens. 24
Operational and Budgetary Impacts   17%
Alignment with Community Vision (Strategic Plan/Downtown Vision/Vision 2040)   25%
Impact to City Reputation   13%
Economic Impact   25%
Safety Impacts   17%
General   4%
Impacts to surrounding area: Impacts to businesses, residences, parks, trails, and schools are a priority consideration in selecting site. The city’s reputation is considered. A preferred site can accommodate and foster development of a safe, secure shelter. 26
Impacts to businesses   23%
Impacts to downtown   19%
Impacts to Parks, Trails and Greenspaces   19%
Proximity to Schools   12%
Impacts to Residential Neighbourhoods   23%
General   4%
Access to services & supports: Safety and basic needs for all is a priority. Regularly utilized services and supports that would not be co-located are taken into consideration. Sites where co-located services can operationalize are preferred. 10
Access to transit and transportation   10%
Distance/proximity to supports/services   20%
Foot Traffic Patterns   20%
Enables delivery of 24/7 integrated service   20%
Enables delivery of basic amenities/services   20%
General   10%

If you are a property owner and would like to submit a site for consideration, please fill out and submit the online form here.

For information on the future shelter site selection process, please visit

For more information, contact:

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer

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