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Council approves Shelter Site Evaluation Matrix

July 4, 2022 9:28 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

A site criteria evaluation matrix will help guide the site selection process for the future shelter in Red Deer after being approved by City Council today. During Council meetings held on June 24, 27 and July 4, Council worked through multiple exercises to determine five criteria, 22 sub-criteria and the weighting assigned to each – making up the Shelter Site Evaluation Matrix as follows:

Site Criteria Points Percentages
Ability to acquire site 20
Cost   40%
Zoning   15%
Timing   40%
General   5%
Adequate size 20
Adequate land size (outside/inside)   30%
Can accommodate purpose built/dignified spaces   20%
Can accommodate on-site/integrated services   30%
Future flexible/expansion opportunity   10%
General   10%
Broad community impact 24
Operational and Budgetary Impacts   17%
Alignment with Community Vision (Strategic Plan/Downtown Vision/Vision 2040)   25%
Impact to City Reputation   13%
Economic Impact   25%
Safety Impacts   17%
General   4%
Impacts to surrounding area 26
Impacts to businesses   23%
Impacts to downtown   19%
Impacts to Parks, Trails and Greenspaces   19%
Proximity to Schools   12%
Impacts to Residential Neighbourhoods   23%
General   4%
Access to services & supports 10
Access to transit and transportation   10%
Distance/proximity to supports/services   20%
Foot Traffic Patterns   20%
Enables delivery of 24/7 integrated service   20%
Enables delivery of basic amenities/services   20%
General   10%

In the above matrix, the sub-category identified as general under each criteria represents the remaining points allocated to the overarching site criteria.

"The site criteria evaluation matrix approved today will be utilized by administration and City Council to inform decisions about the future site of an integrated shelter in Red Deer,” said Lisa Perkins, Acting City Manager. “The process of developing this matrix has been all about our commitment to consider what we heard from the public, honouring the voice of the City Council in the development of the matrix and selecting a site for the future integrated shelter.”

Along with the criteria and weighting, Council adopted a resolution outlining conditions upon which City Council developed site criteria for the Shelter Site Evaluation Matrix. Ultimately, the site criteria within the matrix are the right criteria “if” the following are true:

  1. Shelter is for those who need short stay emergency housing. There are other services/facilities along the housing spectrum.
  2. Shelter is one site.
  3. Funding may limit scope.
  4. New services have potential to change outcomes.
  5. The permanent shelter will be a housing focused delivery model [(Per Council resolution Nov – 21) – GOA confirmed Jan 22]
  6. Shelter with wrap around services may not necessarily eliminate the need for those requiring shelter to access external services, to connect with community.
  7. There are innovative alternative delivery/service and systems that need to address the diversity of clients and impact on community.
  8. The shelter will operate 24/7
  9. The shelter will be designed to provide adequate spaces for short time stays that honour the dignity of each person
  10. There is a recognition and advocacy for the ongoing housing (eg. PSH & Affordable Housing) needs.
  11. Council will continue to have discussions with the Provincial Government on future Overdose Prevention Services/Supervised Consumption Services.
  12. A good neighbour policy will be developed.
  13. Community agencies are supportive of an integrated model and willing to work collaboratively towards this.
  14. The shelter would integrate or operate as many related services on site as reasonably possible.

These statements will be utilized to inform City Council’s advocacy position around the integrated shelter going forward.

“While the decision in front of City Council in the immediate future pertains specifically to site, we also know there are many conversations to be had with the Province of Alberta about other aspects of shelter including, but not limited to, shelter design, operations and service delivery,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “We look forward to continued collaboration with our provincial colleagues as we work in partnership to ensure a safe place for our vulnerable citizens to access required services on their journey to permanent housing, which is beneficial for the whole community.”

In addition to the resolutions about the shelter evaluation matrix criteria, City Council resolved that administration will begin preparing a list of possible sites alongside a commercial realtor with Mayor Johnston and the Deputy Mayor providing Council perspective.

Administration will come back to City Council on July 18 to share an update with City Council about the site selection process.

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For more information, contact: 

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer

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