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City Council: on the agenda

August 17, 2023 2:36 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

The following items are on Red Deer City Council’s open meeting agenda on Monday, August 21, 2023:

Council Representation on Alberta Municipalities Board of Directors (decision)

  • Red Deer City Council will consider endorsement of a City Councillor to seek election to the position of Director, Cities up to 500,000 population on the Alberta Municipalities Board of Directors.

Red Deer Hosting of Alberta Municipalities Conference and Tradeshow (decision)

  • Council will consider endorsement of hosting the Alberta Municipalities Conference and Trade Show every three years on an ongoing basis starting in 2024.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 3357/J-2023 Omnibus (First Reading)

  • Administration has initiated this omnibus Land Use Bylaw (LUB) amendment to provide City staff and the public with clear interpretation and increased flexibility in implementation of the LUB.

Land Use Bylaw 3357/M-2023: Rezoning 2950 Bremner Avenue from DC1 to C5 (First Reading)

  • This report is for Council to consider approving a Land Use Bylaw amendment to rezone 2950 Bremner Ave from Direct Control District (1) to C5 – Commercial (Mixed Use) District. The subject site is located along Bremner Avenue and contains the Red Deer Advocate office building.

A brief summary is provided for the following items on Red Deer City Council’s closed meeting agenda.

Introduction to a new Code of Conduct Bylaw

  • Administration will share information with City Council about its proposed new Code of Conduct Bylaw. This information is being shared in a closed meeting as they are receiving advice from officials (policy options, etc.) and local public body confidences (reviewing a draft bylaw).

Shelter Update

  • Administration will share information and update City Council on site selection for a future permanent shelter. No decisions will be made in this closed meeting of Council.

No decisions are made in a closed meeting of City Council.

To view the agenda and watch live on Monday, visit

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