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City of Red Deer and Red Deer Polytechnic collaborate to provide local firefighting test

December 13, 2023 9:44 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Red Deer Emergency Services and Red Deer Polytechnic have partnered to provide third-party testing of the Firefighter Applicant Physical Test, which is a critical requirement all aspiring Firemedics must successfully pass before getting hired.

With this new initiative, individuals aspiring to join Emergency Services Firemedic team can now complete the rigorous testing locally, simplifying the interview process. Previously, applicants had to go to the University of Alberta to complete onsite physical testing.

This partnership is an excellent example of collaborating to improve local services,” says Chief Ken McMullen, Red Deer Emergency Services. “By working together to provide this testing, we are empowering our peer fitness trainers to be actively involved and are making the process more convenient for candidates.”

The Firefighter Applicant Physical Test includes seven stations candidates, each with specified time constraints. These stations include a cardiovascular fitness test, equipment carrying, hose drag, sled pull, forceable entry, victim rescue and a ladder climb. Applicants must wear a 45 pound weighted vest while completing the stations, excluding the cardiovascular test.

“The test is incredibly challenging, but it is crucial that our first responders possess the physical capabilities necessary to safely evacuate victims in any emergency situation,” says Chief McMullen.

While Emergency Services typically has between six and 10 candidates annually, the program is available to everyone and RDP anticipates candidates from neighouring firefighting services.

“At RDP, we are excited to partner with the City of Red Deer and conveniently offer the Firefighter Applicant Physical Test on main campus, increasing access and opportunities for applicants across central Alberta,” says Trent Rix, Director, Ancillary and Sport Services. “With innovative facilities and knowledgeable staff, we are proud to offer this valuable testing service and contribute to the development of skilled workers in the region and province.”

While the demanding physical test must be passed before a candidate can join the RDES team, continuous training and skills recertification are integral components of ongoing professional development. For more information about joining the Red Deer Emergency Services team, visit Details about the Firefighter Applicant Physical Aptitude Evaluation at RDP, including how to register, visit

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