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City reminds residents not to decorate public trees

December 8, 2023 10:54 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

It’s almost mid-December and Red Deerians are getting into the holiday spirit. While The City of Red Deer loves the enthusiasm from the community, these holiday decorations pose serious risks to wildlife and the environment, and The City is reminding residents not to decorate trees in public spaces.

“Ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland may look pretty and festive, but these items take a long time to breakdown in the environment,” said Ken Lehman, Ecological Services Operations Coordinator with The City. “Wildlife is sometimes attracted to the shiny objects and they can even ingest things. Our crews have encountered bucks with lights tangled in their antlers. City staff must spend their time taking down what residents have placed in public spaces.”

The Parks and Public Facilities Bylaw No. 3255/2000 prohibits attaching items to trees and other public spaces for the protection of wildlife and pets.

“We also know that people have had to deal with their pets’ paws being injured from broken ornaments that have blown off of or fallen from trees,” said Lehman. “There’s always a risk with ornaments on private property as well but these things occurring in public spaces has definitely exacerbated the concerns and increased the time and effort required of City staff to clean up these areas.”

Residents wishing to spread holiday joy are encouraged to consider donating to a local charity, help a neighbour, or share their favourite holiday treats with friends or coworkers instead.

Decorations or other hazards attached to trees and in parks spaces can be reported to Parks and Public Works at 403-342-8238 or using the Report-A-Problem tool on our website at .

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