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City Council: on the agenda

July 20, 2023 3:32 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Red Deer Recovery Summit (decision)

  • Council will consider accepting a $50,000 grant from the Government of Albert to host a Recovery Oriented System of Care conference in early October. This one-day conference is intended to build an understanding of what a Recovery Oriented System of Care is, and what implementation can look like for Red Deer specifically.

Sponsorship Policy (decision)

  • Council will consider an updated policy with new and updated guiding principles and parameters that will enable administration to address sponsorship requests brought forward by the community.

Diversity and Inclusion Plan (update)

  • Administration is presenting a community-based Diversity and Inclusion Plan. Developed in consultation with community members, the plan acknowledges the need for shared accountability in creating and maintaining a city free from racism that welcomes and embraces differences. It focuses on clarifying roles and responsibilities, recommended actions, and measuring success and progress on diversity and inclusion in our city. It will serve as a planning tool for both the community and The City of Red Deer.

Code of Conduct (report)

  • Council is planning to release a final report on the most recent Code of Conduct complaint as a follow up to the July 18 closed Council meeting.

Land Use Bylaw site exception (decision – second & third reading)

  • Following a Public Hearing at 5 p.m. City Council will consider second and third reading of a bylaw amendment for a site exception at 6970 Taylor Drive, to accommodate a future multi family building and assisted living facility.

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