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City Council: on the agenda

October 26, 2023 3:56 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

The following items are on Red Deer City Council’s open meeting agenda on Monday, October 30, 2023.

Land Use Bylaw - Temporary Shelter (Decision):

  • City Council will consider first reading of a Land Use Bylaw Amendment on Monday, that if approved, will enable the temporary shelter to continue operating in its current location. Consideration of the amendment comes after Safe Harbour Society, the organization who operates the shelter, applied to The City to extend the zoning. 

  • If approved, the Land Use Bylaw Amendment would allow shelter use within the Direct Control 28 District as a discretionary use.
  • For more information:

Land Use Bylaw (decision):

  • Council will be asked to give first reading to an internal application to rezone 3733 45 Street in Eastview from P1 Parks and Recreation to R2 Residential (medium density).

  • The parcel is City owned; however, should the rezoning be approved it is anticipated the site will be sold for multi-family residential development (townhouses and/or apartments).

Council Recognition Policy Update (Consent Agenda):

  • Council will consider a report from administration to update the Council Recognition Policy to provide more consistency and reduce the overall cost. The policy suggested a reduction in the incoming recognition amount and an increase to outgoing recognition amount – but resulting in an overall reduction in cost.

  • The Council Recognition Policy is to formally recognize Council for their service at the time of their election and upon their departure from Council. The item was tabled at the October 3, 2023, regular Council meeting.

2023 Adopted Capital Cash Flow (Consent Agenda):

  • On Monday, City Council will be asked to adopt the 2023 Capital Cash Flow budget. For the capital related components of the budget, an annual capital ‘cash flow’ budget is required to be approved by Council. This number is based on administration’s forecasted expenditures for capital projects still in progress in 2023 and appears on the Statement of Net Debt and shows the Budgeted Acquisition of Tangible Capital Assets.

  • This is not a new budget request – it is a reframing of the budget for the purpose of preparing financial statements.

Central Alberta Combative Sports Commission (Consent Agenda):

  • Due to The City not having its own Combative Sports Commission, any promoter

wishing to host an event in the city must obtain permission from City Council and have an

approved Commission oversee the event.

  • It is being requested on Monday that Council approve a request from the Central Alberta Combative Sports Commission (CCSC) for three Havoc Fighting Championship Events to be held in Red Deer on February 9, 2024, June 14, 2024, and November 29, 2024.

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