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Red Deer residents can adopt their own storm drain

May 7, 2024 11:58 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

The City of Red Deer is inviting residents to play a unique role in protecting our local waterways. By adopting a storm drain, residents can be the first line of defence for the Red Deer River and the species that call it home.

Anything that enters a storm drain flows directly into the stormwater system. This system is designed to carry run-off through the city and deposit it back into the Red Deer River. As rain and snow run-off flows across sidewalks, driveways, grass and asphalt, it picks up pollutants and carries them to the storm drain – also known as a catch basin. These materials can be harmful to our environment and our source of drinking water.

Storm drains provide an easy method for rainwater to return to the river without damaging infrastructure. When these drains are clogged or blocked, it can cause flooding and other damage to private and public property. The Adopt-A-Storm Drain program will let residents sign up and then guide them through the easy tasks to keeping their storm drain free of debris.

For more information and to register to adopt a storm drain visit or the 2024 FAQ Adopt a Storm Drain (pdf)

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