Housing and Homelessness

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The City administers funding from the federal and provincial governments for affordable housing and homelessness. This involves:

  • agreements with the other orders of government.
  • preparing and administering requests for proposals when funding is available.
  • providing administrative support to the Community Housing Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to City Council on funding decisions.
  • preparation and monitoring of contracts to the organizations and developers in the community who implement and fund projects.

From Homeless to Housed 2016/2017 Annual Report

Please read From Homeless to Housed: 2016-2017 Annual Report on Red Deer's Homelessness Initiatives (pdf) to learn more about the community‚Äôs success in finding the right housing fit for persons experiencing homelessness. 

And be sure to also read the local success stories of persons who have experienced homelessness and are now on the path to more stable housing.

Housing needs and options

The City works with other organizations in the community to identify housing needs and opportunities and develop housing options.

Our goals and implementation plan are outlined in the Everyone’s Home - Five Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Part of how we and our partners get there is outlined in our System Framework for Housing and Supports (pdf)

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