Bylaw Complaints and Questions

Find out who to call about Property complaints, Bylaw enforcement, parking complaints and more.

Report a Problem

Report a Problem or complaint to The City using The City's online reporting tool.

Property Complaints

Call Inspections & Licensing 403-342-8190 for complaints related to private property only Community Standards Bylaw 3383/2007 (pdf) ), such as:

  • Unsightly or un-kept property
  • Garbage on private property
  • Vehicles or trailers parked on private property

If you would like to submit a photo along with your report, please email it to

Sidewalk Complaints

Sidewalk complaints need to be reported directly to the Police non-emergency line at 403-343-5575 or using Report a Problem.

On-street Parking Complaints

On street parking complaints need to be reported directly to the at 403-343-5575.

RCMP or Non-Emergency Bylaw Complaints

Call the Police non-emergency line at 403-343-5575 (24 hours) or visit the downtown RCMP office during office hours (link) for non-urgent situations. For example:

  • Break-ins or thefts where the suspect is gone
  • Reporting a crime that happened some time ago
  • Suspicious vehicle, person or activity
  • Neighbourhood disputes including noise complaints
  • Non-urgent cases where immediate police attendance is NOT crucial
  • Questions or complaints about E-cigarettes

Animal or Wildlife Complaints

Report Graffiti

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