Listed here are the most commonly requested bylaws for residents and business owners in Red Deer. Hard copies of all City of Red Deer bylaws are available by emailing the Legislative Services office at

Alphabetical listing of commonly requested bylaws

Alarm Bylaw 3591/2017 (pdf)
Business Improvement Area Business Tax Bylaw 3196/98 (pdf)
Business Licence Bylaw 3609/2018 (pdf)
Cat Bylaw 3174/96 (pdf)
Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw 3639/2020 (pdf)  
Chicken Bylaw 3517/2014 (pdf)
City Manager & Designated Officers Bylaw 3685/2022 (pdf)
Civic Address and Street Naming Bylaw 3465/2011 (pdf)
Code of Conduct Bylaw 3696/2023 (effective February 1, 2024) (pdf)
Committees Bylaw 3576/2016 (pdf)
Community Standards Bylaw 3669/2021 (pdf)  
Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw 3152/95 (pdf)  
Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw 3152/95 - Schedule 'A' (pdf)  
Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw 3152/95 - Truck Routes (pdf)  
Dangerous Goods Route - Map (pdf)  
Development Permit Fee Bylaw 3555/A-2019 (pdf)
Dog Bylaw 3429/2009 (pdf)  
Downtown Business Revitalization Zone Bylaw 2827/83 (pdf)  
Election Bylaw 3655/2020 (pdf)
Electronic Transmission of Assessment & Tax Documents Bylaw 3658/2021 (pdf)
Emergency Management Bylaw 3643/2020 (pdf)
Emergency Services Bylaw 3238/99 (pdf)  
Emergency Services Department Fees and Charges Bylaw 3586/2017 (pdf)
Entertainment District Bylaw 3684/2022 (pdf)
Escort Service Bylaw 3319/2003 (pdf)  
Fire Permit Bylaw 3387/2007 (pdf)  
Firearms Bylaw 3409/2008 (pdf)    
Fireworks Bylaw - 3626/2019 - Fact Sheet (pdf) ; Bylaw (pdf)
General Penalty Bylaw 3036/91 - Effective January 1, 2012 (pdf)  
Intermunicipal Development Plan 3393/2007 (pdf)  
Intermunicipal Subdivision Development Appeal Board ISDAB 3408/2008 (pdf)     
Intermunicipal Subdivision Development Appeal Board ISDAB 3408/2008 - Map 1 (pdf)  
Land Use Bylaw
Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 3404/2008 (pdf)  
North of 11A Major Area Structure Plan - 3554/2015 (pdf)
Notice Bylaw 3588/2017 (pdf)
Off Site Levy Bylaw 3631/2019 (pdf)  
Organization Bylaw 3505/2013 (pdf)  
Parks and Public Facilities Bylaw 3255/2000 (pdf)  
Procedure Bylaw 3681/2022 (pdf)
Revenue and Assessment Service Fee Bylaw 3611/2018 (pdf)
Safety Codes Permit Bylaw 3551/2015 (pdf)
Smoke Free Bylaw 3345/2005 (pdf)
Special Events Permit Bylaw 3572/2016 (pdf)
Tax Instalment Plan Bylaw 3547/2015 (pdf)
Tax Penalty Bylaw 3546/2015 (pdf)
Tax Rate Bylaw 3693/2023 (pdf)
Tribunal Bylaw 3680/2022 (pdf)
Vehicle for Hire Bylaw 3644/2020 (pdf)
Weed Control Bylaw 2584/78 (pdf)