Alto Reste Future Development

This area provides information on plans for future expansion of the Alto Reste Cemetery.

Expansion Plans

Plans for future expansion at Alto Reste will expand the cemetery’s appeal by adding memorial benches, trees, sculpture and scattering gardens. Work continues on a draft master plan that explores opportunities for the eight remaining acres on site and highlights areas for future expansion.

Highlights of the proposed expansion include a new entrance along Range Road 270, which will improve access and logistics when multiple burial services are held simultaneously. More aesthetic additions will feature deciduous flowering trees and shrubs, a pond, boardwalk and interpretative areas; these enhancements will add to the park-like atmosphere and also improve drainage and water quality issues.

The proposed changes include plans for an indoor chapel and cremation niches. As well, consideration is being given to linking Alto Reste to the city park and trail system. A key feature of the proposed pedestrian circulation system will be a Sculpture Trail that meanders through the cemetery.

Development of Alto Reste will focus on meeting the multicultural needs of the community, including accommodation for lots facing directions other than the current east/west orientation.

The master plan also highlights opportunities for alternative burial products including niches built into walls, plazas and sculpture bases. Further options include scattering gardens and burial gardens for cremated remains, and niches within a weather protected memorial chapel.