Your Property Tax

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Pay property tax bills, view your account and access your City of Red Deer information in MyCity.

sign up for the Tax Instalment Program by June 15

Tax Instalment Plan (TIP)

Divide your annual tax bill into monthly payments with the Tax Instalment Plan (TIP). Sign up by June 15!

Buying, Selling or Moving

Buying & Selling

Have you recently sold or purchased a property? Find information on what you need to do when property changes ownership.


Unpaid Taxes Information

Accounts with outstanding taxes are at risk for entering the Tax Recovery process. For more information regarding timelines and fees, click here.


Payment Options

Property taxes are due on the last business day of June unless you are signed up for the Tax Instalment Plan. Learn about your payment options.


Change of Address

It is the property owner's responsibility to keep the Land Title up to date. Learn how to update your address here.