Find Your Water and Sewer Connection

Whether you are digging to find a leaking water pipe or plugged sewer pipe, planting a tree, or building a fence or deck, it is important to know where all the underground pipes run. Disturbing the ground on your property can cause damage to buried utilities.

Before you dig

Damaging underground pipes can be costly and dangerous. Before you start construction or renovations, locate your home's water, sewer, and other utility connections beneath your property.

We do not install the water and sewer pipes on your private property and we don’t track where these pipes go on your property but we can try to help you determine approximate measurements of where the public water and sewer connections meet up with your private services. We can also help you determine where your water valve/standpipe is located outside. Phone Utility Services at 403-342-8750 if you need this assistance.

Note: Never cover over the standpipe with dirt, landscape materials, vehicles or structures of any kind. The standpipe is the device that only we can use to shut off water for emergency purposes if an internal leak was found on your property.

Your homebuilder or original plumber/gas installer may be of assistance in locating your water and sewer on your private property. For older homes without available history you may need to hire an independent line locator.

Warning: Digging around water and sewer lines may also impact underground gas, power and communications lines, which can cause property damage and risk personal safety to you or your neighbours. Contact Utility Safety Partners (formerly AlbertaOneCall) to find out where your gas lines and other utilities are located below ground in your defined area of excavation.

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