Safe & Healthy Communities Plans and Projects

Learn about some of the major Safe & Healthy Communities plans and projects.

G.H. Dawe Community Centre Project

The G.H. Dawe Community Centre Project will see upgrades to the existing G.H. Dawe Community Centre. This project is intended to ensure The City can continue to meet our community’s recreation and fitness needs into the future.

River Bend Golf and Recreation Area Master Plan

The City of Red Deer has begun a process to develop a 20-year Master Plan for the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area.

Culture Vision and Master Plan

The City’s Community Culture Vision is a 10 year planning document based on a broad vision of culture in our community and the role culture plays in all aspects of our lives. It addresses cultural development needs that will help us be culturally sustainable well into the future.

Heritage Management Plan

The Heritage Management Plan contains heritage initiatives and strategies to help preserve our community's historical resources.

Current Plans

View the planning documents for current Safe & Healthy Communities projects.