Fireworks in Red Deer

Fireworks Bylaw 3626/2019 regulates the sale, possession and use of fireworks (consumer, display and pyrotechnic) in city limits. This bylaw ensures fireworks are used safely by persons with proper training and qualifications.

A permit is required to discharge fireworks. Permit requirements include:

  • Permit holder is a Fireworks Supervisor or Pyrotechnician certified by Natural Resources Canada.
  • Written consent from the land owner where fireworks will be discharged.
  • Description of fireworks event and site plan.
  • Payment of permit and inspection fee(s): $58.25 for permit, $116.50 for site inspection and $233 for after-hours site inspection.

The sale of fireworks is not permitted in the city.

To apply for a permit:

To report the unsafe use of fireworks, call 9-1-1.

For more information:

Emergency Services