Seniors Transportation Information

There are dozens of reasons why seniors may choose to take transit. Maybe you're uncomfortable driving at night or in the snow, or you have chosen to stop driving entirely. Perhaps you chose transit because it's more economical than driving a car, or because you don't like to rely on friends and family to drive you to where you need to go. Or maybe you choose transit for environmental reasons.

Whatever your reason, whether you're a seasoned transit traveller or thinking of trying it out for the first time, we've got the tools to help you go wherever life takes you. With Red Deer Transit you have the freedom to move on your schedule, with the comfort of knowing we can accommodate any mobility issues.

Accessibility for All

At Red Deer Transit, we want to ensure that all of our passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience. Information about our low-floor buses, and more.

Resources for Older Drivers

To stop driving is a complicated decision for anyone to make. For senior citizens, it can lead to feelings of a loss of freedom and independence. Red Deer Transit can help with this transition.

Seniors Transportation Information Guide

The Seniors' Transportation Information Guide offers Red Deer and area senior citizens the information they need to maintain their independence and mobility.