Taxi Plate Draw

The City of Red Deer is accepting applications for a Taxi Plate Draw for five (5) Taxi Licence Plates and two (2) Accessible Taxi Licence Plates.

Interested parties can submit a completed application form by email to Applicants must ensure they can meet regulations as noted within the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw prior to applying. The deadline to apply was 4 p.m. on Monday, September 20; late applications will not be accepted.

Download the application form

A random draw will take place on Thursday, October 14, 2021* at 2:00 p.m. and will be held virtually. Applicants and interested parties will be able to watch the draw live here on this webpage. To ensure safety of viewers and staff, in person viewing will not be available. Following the draw, The City will contact successful applicants by October 22.

*The draw was deferred to October 14 to give applicants additional time to complete pre-approvals required prior to the draw.

How are new Taxi Plates awarded?

Additional Taxi Licence Plates are awarded to eligible applicants by a random draw conducted by The City.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants for Taxi Licence Plates and Accessible Taxi Licence Plates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an Independent Owner Operator or a Taxi Brokerage in its first year of operation
  • Must be eligible and meet all criteria to hold a Taxi Licence Plate or Accessible Taxi Licence Plate
  • Must submit their Brokerage Licence or Independent Owner Operator application along with their Plate Draw application.
How does The City determine the number of Taxi Plates issued each year?

Taxi Licence Plates and Accessible Taxi Licence Plates are issued based on the city population determined in the most recent census. Each year, Plates are limited to one Taxi Licence Plate per 750 residents, or the number of plates issued as of December 31 of the previous year, whichever is greater. Accessible Taxi Licence Plates are issued at a ratio of one Plate for every 15,000 residents.

Are there fees for Taxi Plates?

Taxi Plate charges are included with the fees for the Brokerage License. Fees are based on the number of Plates within the Brokerage, and start at $380.

I own an existing Brokerage which has operated for more than one year. How can I get extra plates to expand my business?

The five (5) Taxi Licence Plates and two (2) Accessible Taxi Licence Plates currently being drawn for, have specifically been identified for Independent Owner Operators or a Taxi Brokerage in its first year of operation. The allocation of these Plates will be a one-time increase in 2021 only.

The number of Taxi Plates is based on population. When a municipal census is completed, the number of Taxi Plates allowed is reviewed. At this time, there are no additional Plates available based on population of Red Deer.

Contact us

If you have questions about the draw or difficulty submitting your application, please contact us at or 403-342-8190.