Safety Around Storm Ponds

Stormwater ponds play an important role in our environment but you need to always exercise caution when you are near them.

Keeping You Safe

Stay out of the waterA stormwater pond and river system

  • Because of changing water levels and poor water quality, stormwater ponds are not for recreation.
  • Swimming, wading and boating of any type is dangerous and not allowed.

Keep your pets away from the stormwater pond

  • For their health and safety please keep your pets away from the water.
  • There is a drowning potential and thin ice in the winter.

Stay off the ice

  • Ice on storm ponds is weaker due to washed away road salts.
  • Water levels change rapidly which makes skating and other winter activities dangerous. Safe designated outdoor rinks are located in communities across the City.

Do not add fish to the water

  • Never release fish, pond water or plants into bodies of water.
  • Introduced species can become invasive as they displace native species through competition for limited resources and the spread of disease.
  • These negative impacts can be far reaching as storm ponds ultimately end up in the Red Deer River.

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