Major Event Strategy

The Red Deer Major Event Strategy and Destination Development Framework with a goal to see Red Deer as a top major event destination among mid-sized Canadian cities by 2030.

The Strategy was developed to help position Red Deer as a premier tourism and event destination in Canada, and strengthen the community’s readiness to attract and host new major events. Using a collaborative model, the Strategy outlines a single point of contact for major events and offers a vision to align destination development with major event attractions.

Read the Red Deer Major Events Strategy and Destination Development Framework (pdf) .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Deer Major Events Strategy & Destination Development Framework?

The purpose of the Red Deer Major Events Strategy & Destination Development Framework is to position Red Deer as a premier destination for major events. The City of Red Deer commissioned the study to review the current state of major event hosting in the community and develop a strategy for future development.

Was the public consulted in the development of this strategy?

Yes. The research phase included meetings with the Project Steering Committee and one-on-one interviews and feedback opportunity sessions with key internal and external stakeholders, including local organizations, major event developers, engaged residents, City Council, City staff, and Provincial staff.

How will this strategy benefit the community?

Major events have the ability to produce a wide variety of economic and social benefits for Red Deer. From an economic perspective, major events are a proven tourism driver that can bring visitor dollars into communities. Major events are also known to bring host communities together, strengthen local pride, enhance community engagement, build the capacity of local organizations, contribute to the preservation of built and natural environments, and strengthen the case for enhancements to infrastructure and programs.

What role will The City play in the proposed strategy?

Over the next year, The City will work closely with Tourism Red Deer to develop a detailed plan to explore transitioning them to become the Destination Development Corporation (DDC). During this time, City administration will continue to handle major event inquiries and event requests. The City will also provide a dedicated staff person to assist with the transition and implementation planning for the strategy. This position, an Economic Development Officer, is already approved within The City’s Land and Economic Development budget.

Moving forward, The City will play an active role in ensuring the strategy moves ahead in collaboration with stakeholder groups. The City will form a multi-stakeholder transition committee to provide input toward implementation planning.

What role will Tourism Red Deer play?

Tourism Red Deer will work with The City of Red Deer to develop a detailed plan that explores transitioning Tourism Red Deer to become the Destination Development Corporation.

The Destination Development Corporation (DDC) framework is a proactive and highly collaborative approach to fully leveraging the strengths of all stakeholders to achieve the community’s vision of Red Deer being recognized as a top major event destination among mid-size cities in Canada. The DDC would be comprised of three functional areas:

  1. Tourism Marketing – be the voice of Red Deer as a destination.
  2. Major Events – take the lead role transforming Red Deer into a premier major event destination and providing a one-stop approach for major event development.
  3. Destination Development – build community-wide capacity to grow Red Deer as a destination.
How are small and medium events addressed in the strategy?

Although major events are the focus of this strategy, regional and community events also play an important role in achieving Red Deer’s vision. These types of events help to ensure a high degree of activation, animation and engagement around events in Red Deer through the whole year. Opportunities to support community and regional events as well as opportunities to fully utilize venues and attractions are identified as a medium term action item within the strategy.