Landfill Risk Assessment Project

Prior to 1972, The City of Red Deer operated a number of small landfills throughout the city, and in many cases, the city has grown and developed around these former landfill sites. In 2015, The City completed the first stage of a project that involved the testing of nine former landfill sites that The City owned and operate in Red Deer. This testing was aimed to help The City better understand the potential impacts of former landfills on the environment and nearby properties.

The second phase of this project included testing of the former Montfort landfill site and took place in 2016-2017 after results from initial investigations showed potential for some landfill related effects to both the groundwater and soil vapour in the immediate vicinity of the former landfill site.

Landfill Risk Assessment Project Documents and Resources

Maps and Reports for Former Landfill Sites by Area