Memorial Benches

Bench Options & Locations 

The City of Red Deer offers individuals, families and organizations an opportunity to purchase a bench to memorialize, almost anywhere within The City's parks, trails, neighbourhoods and playgrounds. Each perforated steel bench has a steel frame, green vinyl coating and will be set into a concrete footing. A bronze plaque can be attached to the backrest of the bench. 

No new benches installations are allowed at this time. Applicants must choose an existing bench located at any of the locations below. Wooden benches will be switched out for the vinyl coated steel bench:

  • Waskasoo Park System - Kin Kanyon, Rotary Park, Heritage Ranch, and Three Mile Bend, etc.
  • Coronation Park, Barrett Park 
  • Bower Ponds, Michael O'Brien Wetlands & McKenzie Trails 
  • Waskasoo Park Trail System
  • Neighbourhood and Subdivision Parks
  • Playgrounds


New Bench - $1,245.00 + GST for 10 years. This cost includes the bench, installation, the 8"x2" bronze plaque, maintenance and administration costs. 

10 Year Renewal - $530

5 Year Renewal - $265

Payment in full is required prior to installation. Renewal options after 10 years are for 5 or 10 years, whatever the cost is at that time, current renewal rate above. Renewal options are not prepayable at the time of new purchase. If you do not wish to renew, you will receive the bronze plaque as your keep sake from the memorial.


The Alto Reste Cemetery also offers a Memorial Bench Program. Please call or email Cemetery Services office to discuss options. Options are limited.

Memorial Bench Information

In April 2022 some memorial plaques were removed as part of the 10 year renewal deadline. Many benches were in place prior to program changes in 2008. These changes now include a deadline to renew when the memorial bench is purchased. Some memorial plaques were removed from benches for a couple reasons: the bench has expired and the original applicant cannot be contacted, there is no contact information, or renewal of the bench was not completed. Removing plaques has opened up the bench for future memorials especially in parks that were full.

Parks & Public Works Administration will attempt to contact applicants, who purchased a bench prior to 2011, to renew at the applicable rates for 5 or 10 years. If no contact is made the plaque will be removed but can be claimed if desired.

Program Contact Information

Please call 403-342-8303 or email for assistance or more information. The office is located at the Alto Reste Cemetery just off of Hwy 11 East, 3.6 km east of 30 Ave. 


The City of Red Deer is not liable for any damages or losses to memorials or dedications resulting from theft, vandalism, mishaps or natural causes. We will not replace stolen plaques due to vandalism or theft. Please consider the location of the bench, keeping in mind they are in public spaces.

Unauthorized memorials will be removed without notice by the Parks Section staff.