MyBus provides mobile-friendly access to real-time transit information, through an app and a responsive website.

About MyBus

MyBus was originally launched in February 2019 as a mobile-friendly website as part of the system-wide intelligent transit initiative. MyBus allows users to look up schedules, get up to date departure times and see where their bus is in real-time with GPS tracking.

The next phase of MyBus is the development of an app, that is now available for Apple and Android operating systems. The app provides the same functionality as the mobile website, in an app format.

Key features of MyBus include:

 MyBus Transit App infographic

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MyBus App

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyBus?

MyBus is a transit trip planning tool, available either as a mobile-friendly website or as a downloadable app, that shows users the latest bus routes and schedules, as well as any service disruptions that may affect their travel. It provides accurate real-time information using the GPS locators, and shows users exactly where their bus is on a digital map.

MyBus has four main features:

  • Stop Times – to help you find the stop closest to you
  • Real-time Map – allows you to track buses on all routes
  • Trip Planner – plan your route, from start to finish
  • Subscribe – sign up to receive service updates
Where can I find MyBus?

There are two options for accessing MyBus:

Mobile-friendly at For easy access, the webpage can be bookmarked in web browsers or added to the homescreen on any mobile device.

Download the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Do I need access to the internet or a data plan to use the service?

Yes. Users will need access to the internet or a mobile data plan to access the website and receive the up to the minute data about bus locations and arrival times.

How do I use MyBus?

MyBus is free to use. From either the app or the website, users can select the ‘Plan a Trip’ function to enter their origin and destination locations and the program will provide options for transit routes as well as step-by-step navigation instructions. Or, users can select ‘View Routes’ to see any Red Deer Transit route overlaid on a map, or ‘Find a Stop’ to locate the nearest bus stop to them.

How does MyBus know where the buses are?

Each bus has a GPS tracking unit installed on it that constantly uploads data to the MyBus system, which displays the whereabouts of each bus on a map.

Does MyBus cover 2A South Regional and Gasoline Alley transit routes?

Yes. The routes covered by the 2A South Regional Transit (Route 103 and 104) and Gasoline Alley (Route 12) are included in MyBus providing users with step-by-step navigation and real-time data.