Fares and Passes

Prices Effective September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024

  Cash 12 Rides Day Pass Monthly Pass
Adult (18-64) $3 $33 $10 $75
Youth (6-17) $2.50 $27.50 $10 $62
(ID Required)
$2.50 $27.50 $10 $62
Senior (65+) $2.50 $27.50 $10 $62
$34 GIS Subsidized
Child (5 & Under) Free (except preschool groups)
Preschool Groups 2 Ride for $2.50
MYRide Cards $5 charge for initial and replacement cards

*Student Pass Eligibility

Students enrolled in RDP, Vocational or Business Schools are eligible for a student pass, student ID is required. Students in grades 1-12 who are eligible for busing can obtain a pass from their school. Eligibility is determined by the school. Students who are ineligible may purchase a student pass from Red Deer Transit at the current fare price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MYRide Card?

A MyRide card is an electronic card, similar to a credit card or debit card with a microchip. It has replaced the paper 12 ride ticket sheets and paper monthly passes. It is used to pay for transit fares and can be loaded and reloaded with the following fare types:

  • Monthly passes - Load 1 month or multiple months at a time, up to 1 year
  • 12 Rides - Load your card with individual rides in multiples of 12 (12/24/36 rides etc.)

MyRide Brochure (pdf)

How do I use a MyRide card?

The card has a microchip in it and transit riders simply tap the card on the farebox to read the chip. The screen of the farebox lets you know how many rides are remaining.

Where can I use a MyRide card?

MyRide cards are used on Red Deer Transit regular and school routes, Gasoline Alley, and 2A South Regional Transit.

Where can I purchase a new MyRide card?

MyRide cards can be purchased at Transit Customer Service in Sorensen Station downtown. There is a one time fee of $5 for the new card.

Where can I reload my MyRide card?

You can reload your card at several retail and recreation facilities locations in Red Deer.

Click here for current locations.

What are the benefits of having a MyRide card?

The MyRide card is reusable and can be reloaded. It is environmentally friendly and a convenient way to access transit.

Riders can choose to register their card. Registering your card provides value protection. We can transfer the remaining balance to a new card in the case of lost or stolen cards (the $5 new card fee will apply). 

MyRide Brochure (pdf)  

Printable MYRide Registration form (pdf)

All personal information collected remains confidential.

Can I still use cash to pay my transit fare?

Yes, you can still use cash at anytime. Please use exact change as drivers are unable to provide change. Only five and ten dollar bills are accepted. Pennies and U.S currency are not accepted.

What if I need to transfer to another bus?

If you purchase a ride using cash or a 12 Ride card and require a transfer, our Operators are instructed to issue transfers upon request of the customer at the time of boarding when the fare is paid. The transfer is only valid for the next bus until the time indicated on the transfer and transfers are not valid for a return trip on the issuing bus. If you purchase a monthly pass, which is unlimited rides, transfers are not required.

What if I get my bus pass through my school?

Contact your school office regarding any bus pass questions or concerns.