Transit Network Improvements Project

Help us improve transit in Red Deer, now and for the future.

We are reshaping transit service in Red Deer with draft plans for new routes as well as improving quality, comfort, connection and safety. The City of Red Deer’s transit system is a key part of its transportation network, and in collaboration with the community, The City of Red Deer is undertaking the Transit Network Improvements project to create an action plan to reshape the City’s transit services and create the foundation for further transit improvements.

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The engagement phase of the Transit Network Improvement Project is now underway. Citizens are invited to provide their view and provide comments on substantial changes being considered for Red Deer Transit’s routes, services and infrastructure via an online survey or through one of several upcoming open houses. Learn more.  

About this project

The Transit Network Improvements Project is about determining where and how transit is delivered and routed to best meet the needs of Red Deerians and transit riders in our region as it grows and changes.

Targeting for completion by the end of 2019, the Red Deer Transit Network Improvements project includes delivery of five initiatives, as follows:

  1. Updated Transit Services Standards, which create the framework for future decision making and define what service should look like going forward (service frequencies and hours of service for different service types, passenger amenities that should be provided at stops, stop spacing, policies, etc.).
  2. New Bus Route Network and Service Plan to determine how routes could be better structured to serve customers and the growing community and what service should ultimately look like over the longer term.
  3. Transit Operating and Capital Work Plan to create the step-by-step prioritized plan for investing in service, infrastructure and other supporting improvements, including what should be considered for immediate / short term implementation.
  4. Development of a Rapid Bus Corridor on Gaetz Avenue to identify where Rapid Bus stations should be placed, what they should look like and what transit priority measures should be implemented on the corridor to help buses move around congestion and operate reliably (queue jump lanes, transit signal priority, etc.)
  5. Review and Recommendation on Regional Transit Service Connections looking at how regional service ties into the new local network and how they can also be improved.

The values of quality, connection, safety, and comfort are identified as priorities for transit users and other modes of transportation. As identified in The City’s Multimodal Transportation Plan - Moving Red Deer Forward (pdf) , the desired priority future outcomes for transit in Red Deer are:

  • A bus transit network, which is fast and frequent, linking destinations along arterial roads, with excellent timetable information at well-lit and comfortable shelters.
  • Transit routes that link the commercial, retail and institutional destinations in assisting the Neighbourhood Planning and Design Standards to support mixed-use, high activity areas in the City.
  • One or two Bus Rapid Transit-like routes that offer higher levels of frequency and directness, with quality shelters and infrastructure to support their reliability (such as additional space at key intersections and advanced lights to help buses move around congestion).
  • A bus transit network, which extends to other communities in a regional approach to mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Red Deer Transit look like today?

Red Deer Transit carries about 2.65 million passengers each year and plays a major role in connecting citizens and visitors to jobs, school, services and wherever life takes them.

It offers conventional transit on fully accessible buses to routes and stops across the City of Red Deer, as well Action Bus (Paratransit) transportation for persons who have a disability and are unable to use conventional transit.

The transit system also operates school transportation services on behalf of the Red Deer Public School District and Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, as well as regional services on behalf of Red Deer County, City of Lacombe, and the Towns of Blackfalds, Innisfail and Penhold. It also provides services to major employers and industrial areas within the City.

What have we heard so far?

Through its Multimodal Transportation Plan - Moving Red Deer Forward (pdf) and other past work, The City of Red Deer alongside customers and citizens, identified the areas of quality, comfort, connection and safety as priorities in meeting current and future community needs as we reshape transit in Red Deer. Some of the ways we will achieve this is through better frequency, more direct and less circuitous routes, and improved customer amenities at bus stops and connection points, to name a few.

Who have we talked to?

In addition to feedback gathered through the Multimodal Transportation Plan - Moving Red Deer Forward (pdf) , The City and project team have been out meeting with transit staff, customers, citizens and initial stakeholders this spring and summer in an effort to understand their needs and wants as it relates to transit in Red Deer. Over 500 customers and citizens have been engaged throughout the initial phase of the project.

What is next?

Based on the feedback collected so far, the project has developed draft transit improvement proposals that include better frequency, more direct and less circuitous routes, and improved customer amenities at bus stops and connection points. The draft recommendations have also been developed based on a detailed analysis of current ridership patterns and current transit best practices in Canada.

In September 2019, these draft options will be shared with Red Deerians in an effort to collect further feedback and get input on the overall proposed changes.

How can I get involved?

Watch for opportunities in September 2019 to share feedback on draft new routes and services.

Starting in early September, we will invite Red Deerians to review and provide their thoughts on the draft proposed changes. There will be information on all buses and direct outreach to transit passengers and staff, an online and paper survey, and a series of interactive open houses.

  • Open houses are scheduled to take place from September 11 to 14, 2019 at some key locations across the City. The days, times, and locations will be provided here on our website once they are confirmed.
  • A stakeholder workshop is planned for mid-September. This workshop will be used to gather detailed feedback on the plan from key community organizations, including representatives from large employers, schools, healthcare providers, and groups serving youth, seniors and persons with a disability.

The feedback received through engagement will be used to refine the draft recommendations, including proposed routes and priorities for future service improvements. The input will also be used to refine supporting strategies to enhance transit vehicles, infrastructure, technology, policies, fares and marketing. The refined draft recommendations are expected to be presented to Council in late 2019.

The engagement phase is now underway. View the list of open house locations or take the survey.

How does this project relate to the Multimodal Transportation Plan?

The Red Deer Transit Network Improvements project seeks to translate the broad vision identified for transit in The City’s into the series of actionable steps needed to move the plan from vision to implemented reality. The Multimodal Transportation Plan - Moving Red Deer Forward (pdf) identifies a number of outcomes for each transportation mode to describe what a future user of the transportation system will experience in Red Deer.

Who is leading the project?

Watt Consulting Group has been retained to lead the project on behalf of and in collaboration with The City. A project Steering Committee consisting of City of Red Deer staff drawn from multiple departments – including Transit, Engineering, Planning and Communications – is providing hands on assistance in developing and refining recommendations.

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