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Frequently Asked Questions related to parking

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Parking Bylaws

What does the Bylaw say about Residential Parking?

City streets in residential areas may be used by anyone, whether they are a resident of the neighbourhood or a visitor to the city.

Bylaw Regulations:

  • No person shall park, load or unload a public service vehicle or commercial vehicle exceeding 6 meters in length upon any highway except in areas designated by the city.
  • With the exception of a recreational vehicle, no person shall park a vehicle with a trailer exceeding six meters in length or a truck tractor unit with or without a semi-trailer or trailer attached on a highway in front of, across from or adjacent to residential property.
  • No person shall park an unattached trailer on a highway in front of, across from or adjacent to residential property.
  • You may park a vehicle while unloading or loading goods to or from premises, a utility or other trailer temporarily used for construction, demolition or landscaping providing it does not obstruct other users of the highway.
  • During snow removal and street cleaning the City can temporarily suspend on street parking. Signage will be placed prior to parking suspension. 

Should there appear to be a contravention of these rules, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officers through the RCMP Bylaw Complaint Line (non-emergency) at 403-406-2200.

What about On-Street Parking Stalls?

Loading zones, limited time parking, and parking stall removal requests are administered by the Engineering Services department, Traffic Section. They can be reached at 403-342-8366.

More information about loading zones can be found within the Traffic Bylaw 3186/97 (pdf).

Where can I park my Recreational Vehicle?

A trailer used as a dwelling or sleeping place, or non-commercial trailer used to transport off-road vehicles (except snowmobiles) or watercraft may be parked on a constructed parking pad in the front yard from April 1 to October 31 in any year.

A trailer used to transport snowmobiles may be parked in the front yard on a constructed parking pad from November 1 to April 30 in any year.

In residential areas, no more than one trailer can be parked on any site.

No person can allow or permit a trailer parked on a site to be used for living or sleeping accommodation except for:

  • a trailer parked in an approved campground
  • a trailer parked in the Westerner Exposition site if their onsite campground is full
  • a self contained trailer parked in a parking lot
  • if a church, school, recreation venue site, community centre or major hotel providing:
    • consent of owner of site is obtained
    • consent from Development Authority
    • overnight parking on the site shall not exceed two occasions per calendar month
    • no fees are charged for parking overnight

See the Traffic Bylaw 3186/97 (pdf) for complete details.

What if I have a parking complaint?

Public Property

If you have any parking complaints related to vehicles located on City streets or alleys, please contact RCMP Bylaw Enforcement at 403-406-2200;

Private Property

Any complaints related to vehicles located on private property, please phone Compliance at 403-342-8328 or email You can also use our Report a Problem online tool to report the complaint.

Paying your Parking Ticket Online

What do I need to pay my parking ticket online?

You will need your ticket number (begins with 'D', 'DH', or 'F') or the licence plate number of the vehicle to which the ticket was issued, as well as your valid VISA or MasterCard credit card.

American Express, VISA/Debit or MasterCard/Debit cards cannot be used on this site.

Additionally, e-transfer payments cannot be accepted.

Why isn't the ticket information available when I enter my ticket number or licence plate number?

There are some possible reasons for this, including:

  • The ticket is recently issued, and is not yet entered into the ticketing system. 
    • Hand-written tickets are usually entered into the system within 2-5 business days of the offence date. Payments can still be accepted in person at the Cashier on the main floor of City Hall.
  • The ticket is already paid.
Can I make a partial payment on my ticket?

No. Only the full amount on the ticket or notice can be accepted.

City Council sets the fine amount for all City Bylaws and the Alberta Government sets the fine amount for Highway Traffic Act offences.

Why can't my ticket be paid online?

There are a few possible reasons for this, including:

  • The ticket is paid.
  • The ticket was cancelled or issued as a warning:
    • Enforcement officers can issue tickets as a warning to indicate what the bylaw infraction is, to prevent you from repeating the offence.
    • Warning tickets do not require payment.
  • The ticket has been forwarded to the Provincial Court for processing. Payment can made online through the Alberta Fine Payment System if you have the Provincial Part 3 Violation Notice. Please contact Parking Administration for more information:
Are there any additional charges associated with online ticket payments?

No. There are no additional fees or charges applied with paying a parking ticket online.

Why is the ticket amount displayed on the web payment screen different from the written amount on the ticket?

Your ticket may qualify for an early payment deduction. The web screen automatically adjusts fine amounts to reflect an early payment.

What about security, how do I know the credit card I use to pay my ticket is safe?

The City of Red Deer is committed to providing a secure environment that protects your personal information. Their service partner, Moneris, was selected because of their experience and expertise in operating online services in a secure environment. Moneris is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personally identifiable information.

When I pay online, what will I receive as proof of payment?

When you complete the online payment process, you will be given the option to print out a receipt on your printer. Failing that, your authorization number from the credit card company is your proof of payment.

Additional Inquiries

Didn't find the answer to your question? Please contact Parking Administration or visit the Inspections and Licensing window on the main floor of City Hall.

Phone: 403-342-8185

City Hall Address: 4914 48 Avenue