Red Deer’s Annual Policing Plan

Red Deer’s Annual Policing Plan, or APP, is developed by Red Deer RCMP and The City of Red Deer, with final approval by City Council. The plan outlines the top priorities to be addressed by policing strategies over the specified time period.

The APP is typically a two-year plan, running from April 1 to March 31 of each year. In developing each APP, The City and RCMP together conduct public consultation to understand community concerns and priorities as they relate to crime and safety.

2020-2022 APP

The 2020-2022 APP outlines three priorities:

  • Crime reduction – property and drugs
  • Public safety – dynamic enforcement
  • Community relations – responsive and visible

From October 2019 to October 2021, Red Deer saw a 59% reduction in drug crime and a 43% reduction in property crime. In addition, strategic proactive policing and crime reduction efforts have seen positive improvements in our local crime statistics over the past few years.

2022-2024 APP

The City and Red Deer RCMP are working together to finalize Red Deer’s 2022-2024 Annual Policing Plan.

The APP is developed using real crime data and public feedback to understand community priorities and areas of focus. RCMP work in consultation with City Council to determine top policing priorities for our community over the next two years.

As part of the planning process, The City and Red Deer RCMP work together to engage the public and to understand the community’s experiences and concerns, which help identify areas of focus for policing priorities. In February 2022, a public survey and series of targeted focus group sessions were held to collect public feedback. As part of the engagement process, we committed to sharing a report summarizing what we heard during public consultations: 2022-2024 APP Public Consultation: What We Heard Report (pdf).