Intersection Cameras

Learn more about red light cameras and intersection speed cameras.

Red Light Cameras

The City of Red Deer uses red light cameras as a tool to help reduce the number of vehicles running red lights. The camera takes photographs of license plates of vehicles that enter the intersection against a red signal.  

Intersection Speed Cameras

Located at the same intersections as red light cameras, intersection speed cameras issue tickets to drivers who speed through these intersections regardless of the colour of the signal. Speed infractions follow the specified penalties as listed in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.


Red light cameras and intersection speed cameras are located at ten high-collision intersections throughout the city. Signage indicates the intersection has cameras. Cameras are in operation at all times in the following ten locations:

graphic showing where Intersection Speed Cameras are located

  • 32 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound
  • 30 Ave. - 32 St. southbound
  • 50 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound
  • 30 Ave. - 50 St. northbound
  • 49 St. – 49 Ave. northbound
  • 76 St. – 50 Ave. northbound
  • 59 St. – 50 Ave. southbound
  • 32 St. – Taylor Drive southbound
  • 67 St. – 50 Ave. northbound
  • 32 St. – 50 Ave. southbound

Tickets are issued through the mail to the registered vehicle owner. Because the owner may not have been the offending driver, no demerit points are assessed. The image shows the vehicle's rear license plate only - not its driver or occupants.