Other Amenities at the Collicutt

We take pride in being a clean, inclusive, accessible facility providing serve of the highest standards. If you have a comment or suggestion please talk to our helpful staff who will try to accommodate you.

Main Street

Visit our community common and relax with a coffee, read a book, take a stroll, visit our food court, watch athletes as they play in our sports areas, watch televised special events, review the work of local artists - all for free.

Change Facilities

We have three spacious full-service change facilities: Men's, Women's and Family/Accessible. The Family change room also has privacy rooms and each one has an adult change bed with lift, shower and toilet. Need to use one of our privacy rooms? Pick up a key at the Reception Desk.

Lockers and Mini Lockers

Located in change facilities our lockers take 50 cent tokens which are purchased at our Reception Desk. You can use your own pad lock on select lockers (first come first served).

Secure your valuables in our mini lockers using a 50 cents token. The mini lockers are located just outside the Family change room, in the Soccer Pavilion and the Field House.


When visiting our facility you have access to Patron parking stalls (pdf) which span four lots (west, north, east and south). Overflow parking is available outside regular school hours at the two adjacent high schools on the north and south sides of our facility.

Also at the Collicutt